3M™ Vehicle Air Purifier - Online Warranty

3M™ Vehicle Air Purifier - Online Warranty


感謝您購買 3M™ 汽車空氣清新機。請填寫以下表格進行網上註冊,以申請免費1年保修。


填寫表格時請確保數據的準確性。 如果購買/收據證明與網上登記中提供的數據不一致,則授予的保證將被視為無效。

請確保您保留購買/收據憑證。 您需要出示它以申請保修。


Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for purchasing 3M™ Vehicle Air Purifier Plus. To apply for the free 1 year warranty, please register by filling in this online form.

Important Instructions:

Please ensure data accuracy when filling in this online form. In cases whereby proof of purchase/receipt is inconsistent with data provided in Online Warranty Registration, warranty conferred will be rendered void.

Please ensure that you keep your proof of purchase/receipt. You are required to present it to claim your warranty.

For more details on product warranty Click Here.

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